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Online Ordering

If you are placing a retail order, please use the following sales code.

If you are placing a team/school order, please have your sales code available. If you do not have your sales code, please contact your sales representative.


LSG Online Promotion

• Leave the hassle of spirit packs to us.
• Stop collecting money – all orders are paid via credit card upon check out.
• Orders are packaged per individual receipt and are delivered to you ready to be handed out with order receipt in   the bag to identify each order.
• Option to use as a secondary fundraiser – add 5-10% back to the team price to create a fund for emergency needs.
• Delivered in 2- 4 weeks depending on what items are on the site.
• Add as much or as little as you want – No more players hassling you on not having enough gear or to expensive on   individual parents.

LSG Online Promotion

• When used as a fundraiser, emergency funds have exceeded over $1100.00.
• No work done by anyone in the organization. Just sit back and watch the funds accumulate.
• Pass out to administrators, parents, grand-parents, anyone involved with the program
• Online sites have become the latest way to alleviate unneeded and extra pains put on to an already stressful job.
• Put items on the site to make parents happy.
• Do special occasion promotions. I.E. Breast Cancer awareness shirts – No need to be stuck with extra shirts. Parents   order via online site and leaves you with no overhead.
• Create extra income with Black out or White out shirts to promote special rivalry games or create an online store for   Christmas gifts.